People – Don’t stereotype them.


I was talking to a dear lady the other day, that I know through our participation in the same weekly activity. She is a very kind, generous woman and I like her a lot!

Somehow we ended up discussing people and politics and she told me about a book she read by a sociologist who went to a southern state to interview the people there concerning political matters.

Two things struck me: apparently, the people the sociologist/author interviewed were “nice, good-living people,” but they “didn’t want the government telling them what to do.” When I was told this, my response was, “Really? You mean some people DO want the government telling them what to do?” I didn’t know that was a thing – wanting the government to tell you what to do. I don’t, besides basic essential things such as don’t murder, steal, etc.

The second thing that struck me was that this lovely woman whom I was talking with assumed that I was not “Right” or “Right-leaning.” It was clear from her conversation that she thought I was of the same Left political persuasion that she is. I am not. But she thinks highly of me, and I guess since we have conversed a fair bit and I seem nice and intelligent enough, she assumed I was of her political leaning.

Which brings me to my main point: there is an awful lot of prejudice regarding the political persuasions of people. I was brought up to believe, and still do, that prejudice is wrong. But it seems that people have an idea that all Conservatives are_______________ or all Liberals  are_________________.

I didn’t disclose to this lady that I wasn’t of the Left persuasion – I wasn’t sure whether or not I should. I didn’t/don’t want to be defined by politics, because frankly, I am not committed to a political party, I am committed to God and His Word.

But I think I might continue the conversation and “come out of the closet,” so to speak, just to let her know that one can’t stereotype people by their political views.

I urge everyone to get to know people of different backgrounds, ethnic groups, religious groups, political groups.  We are all people, we all have stories, and there are a lot of things that, as people, we have in common. And because we are all human, we are all worthy of basic respect.


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