The High Road

Boy surprising girl with a present

A short while ago I was dealing with my son after he had an altercation with his sister that made him really angry. I reminded him of the instruction in the Bible to “love your enemies, and do good to those who hate you…” and told him that his sister wasn’t his enemy, so how much more should he love her and do good to her when he is angry at her.

He obviously took this to heart, because some days later they had another altercation and he was really upset with her. Then he heard her lamenting, because she had been mistaken about the cost of something. This son came to me and said, “I want to give ____________ some money, because of what you told me how I should handle being  upset with her. I want to do something to bless her.” So he offered her his money. His sister appreciated it, but declined to take his money. His offer, this attempt at blessing her, definitely softened both their hearts toward each other.

Sometimes our children actually hear what we say.

Sometimes our children are examples to us.

My son’s gesture, his following of God’s ways (to bless) brought life to them both. It bore good fruit. I did explain to my son afterwards that even if his sister wouldn’t have responded well, he would have had life; he would have had good fruit in his own heart.

I rarely get angry with anyone I know. But if I ever do, I want to take the high road. I hope I will seek to bless, and to extend love. God’s ways bring life. For real.


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