Little by little


I won’t go into all the reasons/excuses, but both our front and back yards have been quite neglected. While at the beginning of June, I weeded the earth in preparation for the pretty flowers that I planted , I haven’t kept up with the weeding, and the result is what you see above. Then there are trees and bushes that have not been pruned in longer than I care to admit, making our yard look not unlike a forest.

Kind of overwhelming to think of taming all that! I mean, who has that kind of time or energy?

Happily I discovered something: If I do a little bit of weeding or pruning every day, it makes a difference! I have begun weeding or pruning around ten or fifteen minutes most days, and it is incredible what a difference it is has made in my flower beds, as well as the other areas which are gradually being tamed.

It actually makes me excited to go out there daily, because I am seeing results from each short session, and I am sorry if, for some reason, I don’t get to do yard work on a given day.

It also makes me look at my life as I consider what other big tasks, projects, or life changes I can make by consistent, small amounts of time or effort.

Little by little. Just ten minutes turned the above weedy patch of earth into this:


What big changes can I, you, or we make in our lives; or in the lives of our families, communities, or in the world – simply little by little?


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