I Should Have Kept a Record

20160229_080139-2A couple of weeks ago, I saw the hand of God. Not literally, of course – God is Spirit. But what I mean is, I saw God’s work, right before my eyes on the computer screen.

Let me explain: a few years ago, my son had a tooth come out in the middle of the roof of his mouth instead of lined up with his other teeth. This necessitated immediate orthodontic work – expansion appliance, braces, etc. Eventually, the tooth was brought into line and all was well.

But this past November, Natan’s orthodontist saw another lump in the roof of his mouth and upon examining it, told us that another tooth was going to come out in the roof of his mouth. Oh no! More discomfort, pain, not to mention money.

I prayed. I asked God to move that tooth over to the spot where it was supposed to be. I wrote down this prayer, because I thought that God would do this and I wanted it on record that I had asked and He answered. So, over the next few months I continued to ask God concerning Natan’s wayward tooth.

A few weeks ago we went to the orthodontist. He looked in Natan’s mouth, saw the lump, and sent him to have his mouth x-rayed. The assistant came back with Natan and the orthodontist looked at the x-ray on his computer screen. And looked. And looked. “I wasn’t expecting this,”, he said. “That tooth is now is positioned in the right place.” (I could see this on the screen.) “God, Mother Nature, or the Powers that Be moved that tooth,” he continued.

“It was God”, I assured him. “I have been praying since the end of November that God would move that tooth.”‘

The orthodontist acknowledged that it was God, and that he was trying to be politically correct. The lump where the tooth had been was empty, and the tooth had taken a journey to the correct spot. He knew that teeth in that kind of position don’t take such a journey on their own.

Some days later, I was taking a walk and thinking about all the answered prayers, all the times over the decades that I have been a Believer where I have seen God’s hand at work. So many miracles, so many acts of God, whether providing for a need, giving much needed wisdom, changing circumstances, healing an illness or medical condition, freeing someone from an addiction, bringing reconciliation to estranged loved ones…the list goes on.

I regretted that I hadn’t kept a record all these years, because all these things could fill a book. And in that book, I could have one chapter just devoted to all the dental provision/work that God has done for our family.

God, my dear reader, is great! And what’s more, He cares!




5 thoughts on “I Should Have Kept a Record

  1. Hi Robin
    praise the Lord.
    Just wanted to share my own miracle.I had a mole on my leg for many years then in Jan. It suddenly changed color and grew. The dr booked me into see a specialist in april..I decided to go to the best Dr in the universe.with prayer, and some TLC it just fell off.
    I know it was all God..!!

  2. Merci Robin, pour ce partage! Vraiment tu me rappelle la fidélité de Dieu dans ma vie aussi, et combien je dois me rappeler de tout ce qu’Il a fait!

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