Unplanned things

RobinChildhood_002_480“I’ve got a crazy idea,” my dad would say on occasion, musingly.

These few words would fill me with excitement: “What? What? Tell us, Daddy. What’s your ‘crazy idea?'”

It might be a drive along the Montreal lake shore, stopping for a picnic of Kentucky Fried Chicken; a drive up to Mount Royal Park or to get an ice cream at a special place we loved.

But whatever it was, it was spontaneous and special. It interrupted the scheduled flow of life. A good time was waiting to be had, when those words were spoken.

It is because I knew from experience that what usually followed my father’s words, “I have a crazy idea,” was something enjoyable that I reacted to them in such a positive way. I loved and trusted my father because I knew he loved me and had my (and the rest of my family’s) best interest at heart.

I have a heavenly Father whom I love and trust because I know He loves me and has my (and the rest of mankind’s) best interest in mind. He is sometimes referred to in the Bible as “The Rock” – He is stable and trustworthy and so even when unplanned things happen I can still be secure and positive and embrace life.


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