My thoughts on beauty all started with breakfast. Three breakfasts to be exact. My husband Alan and I were staying at some friends, while involved in a homeschool conference in another city. And each of the three mornings we stayed there, our host served us a breakfast that was not only delicious, but also beautiful. A wonderful omelette along with fruit artistically laid out.

I was taking a walk just before setting out on our journey home (after eating the aforementioned breakfast) and I was thinking how the food I had just eaten was not only a feast for my palate, but for my eyes as well. Really a thing of beauty.


As I was walking along, I was appreciating the beautiful blue sky, and then I became aware of a chorus of birds – more beauty for my eyes, for my ears.

There’s a line in a Rich Mullins song that came to mind, “There’s so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see, but everywhere I go, I’m looking” (From “Here in America”).

And I think it’s a good thing to do. Everywhere there is beauty, whether in nature (clouds, sky, trees, water, flowers, sand, fields)…

2014-09-30 17.35.18


In people (smiles, wisdom, warmth, support, encouragement, generosity)…

In smells (fireplaces, flowers, baking)…

Tastes (chocolate, coffee, freshly baked bread, chicken soup)…

Sounds (beautiful music, a baby’s laugh, birds in spring), o2015-02-06 18.04.04r touch (holding the hand of a loved one, hugs, cuddles)…

Sights (a beautiful dancer, gymnast, home run)…

I could write pages on how beauty is everywhere!

As the song says “There’s so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see, but everywhere I go, I’m looking.”

There is also ugliness and sorrow and tragedy in this world. But there IS beauty. And it, too, is everywhere. 2014-10-02 15.45.00

I want to do what I can to make a difference in this world. Several of my adult children are working full time in situations that are dark, such as Sarah working with extremely poor people in Haiti,  Joshua working with the organization, “Strength to Fight” against pornography, Daniel working against Human Trafficking and pornography, or Devorah working to stop the dismemberment of pre-born babies. So besides the news of devastating earthquakes, terrorism, and war, our family knows about darkness.

But the beauty is there as well. All around us. So I would encourage us all to “stop and smell the roses,” so to speak. That is, as you go about your day, notice the beauty that is everywhere. Appreciate it. Contribute to it. It only takes a smile.


One thought on “Beauty

  1. Amen! After our first trip to Guatemala seeing people eating out of garbage and poor living in shacks etc, Teresa did a presentation with slides of the dirt, garbage and kids and flowers while a song played in the background saying” Flowers still grow here” and we need to see the flowers to survive the poor and sad conditions around us. Good word!!

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