Blowing My Mind

Robin_MindBlowing01_480Originally I had another title for this blog post. I would have called it “God Blows My Mind,” but frankly, I thought perhaps a title with the word “God” in it would cause atheists not to read it, and I didn’t want that.

I read the Bible daily; I talk about God;, I talk to God; but sometimes when I stop and actually think about God, it blows my mind!

I was at an intersection the other day when I had a “moment.” Do you ever have these moments? I looked at all the cars, all these people going from here to there, each one with their own story, their own family, their own life, and I was overwhelmed. And then multiply that by all the people in the world!

You see, on a daily basis I am preoccupied with my life, my family’s lives, and the people we come into contact with. I don’t on a regular basis think of everyone I know or have ever known and I certainly don’t think of each individual in the world. But when I do, when I stop to think of each individual as a person like me with their own lives, it blows my mind.

And then to think that God knows – and what’s more – cares for each individual!! – that takes faith and the reason it does is because we are not able to do that. And we tend to think of God as someone like us, just a bit more, like a super-hero.

Another possible title for this blog post was “Is Your God Too Small?” I think that some people react to this mind blowing glimpse of how vast this world is and the people in it by not believing in a God who is the Creator and sustainer of it all, because as I said, they imagine a deity only such as our human mind can fathom. And that God is just not big enough.

Others believe in God, but don’t take the time to contemplate His vastness and end up believing in a God that they “keep in their pocket,” figuratively speaking. Not unlike a genie, this god is there to serve them, get them out of trouble, give them what they want.

And while we might not be able to handle letting our thoughts go to this mind-blowing place all the time, I think we should let our minds go there sometimes, so that we can worship this amazing God as we catch a glimpse of His vastness and can be in awe that He knows each hair on our heads.

I know some people are upset and blame God (the one they don’t believe in) for all the ills of this world, but give all the credit for everything good to mankind.

The time that we are in, our lifespan, is part of a much, much bigger story. When we are looking only at our time in history, it doesn’t make sense, just as one puzzle piece doesn’t make sense by itself.

You have to look at the whole picture. My husband calls this God’s Epic Story. And it starts a long time ago: “In the beginning…”


4 thoughts on “Blowing My Mind

  1. 🙂 Robin, this speaks to my heart. When I garden or when I’m camping, I look at what God has made and contemplate things like, “This snapdragon seed pod holds about 300 seeds, give or take 100, (I counted once out of curiosity….) and God knows how many seeds are in each snapdragon flower, how many flowers are on each plant at any given time, how many plants are in existence right now, how many have ever existed and how many will exist in the future. That’s just with one type of plant. God knows how many plants there are, how many flowers each of them have/will have and how many seeds they have and will produce…. on an on it goes. Wow. My brain needs to take a rest but God never slumbers or sleeps. 🙂

  2. Hi Robin, recently what blows my mind about God, is that I read that scientists have discovered that not only are we unique individuals with unique fingerprints, but that the pupils in our eyes are also unique to another person, hence why ‘iris’ scanners have been invented. How great and unique is our Creator

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