Life Is Precious! (Repost) – Corrected

teresa01I originally wrote and posted this in March of this year when the father of my best friend from high school passed away. I am reposting this in honour of my dear friend, Teresa, who passed away 1 1/2 weeks ago from cancer. Her life – one life – touched so many others: her husband of 33 years, her five children, her thirteen grandchildren, and the 400 or so who attended the memorial service for her, so many speaking of what she meant to them, how she listened to them, encouraged them, positively influenced them, etc. One life…meaningful, important, precious.

This past weekend I attended the funeral of the father of my best friend from high school. He and his wife were like second parents to me in those days, as they welcomed me into their home, took time to answer my questions, and to pray with me.Walter Nelson Thomson

This man not only touched the lives of his wife and five children, but mine and many, many, many others.

One life…so valuable!

Lababygilmanultrasoundst month I saw the ultrasound of my first grand-baby, growing in my daughter-in-law’s womb: I was filled with awe! This little life will be born, will love, and will touch lives.

One life…a miracle! Full of potential.

A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter to a pediatrician. The nurse ushered us into a room and oriented us. She was very kind and helpful. At some point I mentioned that my daughter Abigail was the ninth  out of our ten children. Instead of the usual surprised reaction, she casually responded that she was the seventeenth child in her family! I told Abigail on the way home, “She was such a blessing to us and I’m sure she blesses so many every day! I’m glad her parents didn’t stop at sixteen!”

One life…blessing many!

In my post from January 5, entitled Making a Difference I recount two stories, of two different women  with extreme physical challenges who made a difference in many lives. My point then was to show that we can all make a difference. My point now is that life is precious – all life is precious, no matter how old, or young, or healthy or unhealthy!

The God-given reason that life is so valued, is that mankind was made in God’s image.

That is good enough, but at this time when I have been touched with a loved one’s death, and a loved one’s new life, and realize each day how each person’s life touches so many others, I am made so aware of how precious life is…each life…your life!

Your life touches many others. And if it doesn’t, it can. It doesn’t depend on what you do or how well you perform.  You are valuable. Because you are God’s very good idea made in His image. Wow! Be inspired! Value life…yours and others’!


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