Nature Speaks

I took a walk in my favorite spot in Ottawa earlier this week:

2014-09-30 17.31.32

2014-09-30 17.35.18

And then today I took a walk in my neighborhood

2014-10-02 15.45.00

Walking among such autumnal beauty, the blue skies, warm sunshine, beautiful foliage and that wonderful smell of autumn leaves brings to mind a song that I learned decades ago: “La nature me parle d’un Createur” (or “Nature speaks to me of a Creator”).

Babies also speak to me of a Creator! 2014-08-14 09.38.46

A little human life, grown in the mother’s womb, but a completely separate human being with his/her own personality – it never gets old, I haven’t lost the wonder of it after all these decades. Wondrous!

And then these little ones grow! And each unique person with their unique looks, personality, creativity, strengths, and abilities also speak of the Creator to me.

And so I write what is on my heart: thankfulness for such beauty as I have the privilege to see and for such richness of relationship that I have the privilege to enjoy with God, my husband, my children, my friends. And thankfulness for the peace and plenty that we in Canada enjoy at this moment.

But earlier today, I saw yet another video of brutality in Syria – suicide Jhihadists targeted schools and killed thirty children. My peace and the tranquility of my life exists in stark contrast to so much of what I have been reading/seeing of late. Horrifying images of innocent people being massacred.

What to do ? Can I ignore this suffering? God forbid. To start with, I can pray. Then, I can live out the things that God values such as truth and justice and mercy for the oppressed. And I can teach these to my children, not merely as concepts, but to actually live out. And then I can seek God for an open door to help in whatever way He leads.

I don’t feel guilty for living in a peaceful country and being free from fear of brutality or starvation. No, I appreciate it. I am very, very thankful for this. But I don’t want to forget my brothers and sisters around the world that are living a life amid brutality and deprivation.

My goal: to be thankful and appreciative, and caring for others, in prayer and word and deed.


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