Life Happens

I haven’t blogged for a while.



My life doesn’t function like a well-oiled machine at a factory, churning out products on schedule.

My life is full of people.

I make a “to-do” list, and begin to “do,” and then my daughter calls from Haiti.

Gladly I put that list to the side – my daughter is way more important than anything on that list.

I am sitting down at the table about to do another “important” task on my to-do  list when I get a call that my sleep-deprived son and daughter-in-law need me to come and help them out with their newborn (less than one-day old) baby.

…..Hurriedly I deal with the necessary things on the home front and head out the door. Giving that help at that moment is more important than what I had planned.

2014-06-23 10.45.06

Another day, another to-do list (some things carried over from previous days, of course), and a daughter informs me she needs her health card renewed. That wasn’t on my list, but off we go. My days never go as planned. And that’s okay. Because that is life!

People are more important than the tasks on my list.

Those tasks, however, are connected to people, whether it is the laundry (people need clean clothes), cleaning (people prefer a germ free and somewhat tidy environment), or more directly, my list includes doing things with this person or that.

And just because something or someone wants to interrupt my day, doesn’t mean I have to go to that thing, take that call, or whatever.

I want to be sensitive, not pushed and pulled about by everyone else’s demands or perceived needs, but that I may be sensitive to the leading of God’s Spirit and discern what is truly important at the moment.

And be willing to let life be life and not worry about the multitude of things that didn’t get crossed off my to-do list.

Yeah, so I haven’t gotten around to writing a blog until just now. And that’s okay with me. Life happens. Priorities.


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