What Not to Wear

Many years ago, one of my daughters told me of a television show called “What Not to Wear”. I have no need of this show. I have daughters. If my daughters ever saw me in something that they considered hideous, or even simply quite unflattering, they would be sure to tell me.

I am not the foremost authority on fashion or clothing, but I can tell you one thing not to wear. Ever. That item, that ugly, unflattering garment not to put on, is complaining.

One of the garments that we are supposed to “put on” is thankfulness. Thankfulness and complaining can’t both be worn at the same time. So it is either thankfulness or complaining. And God makes it clear which one He favors.

The reason I began thinking about this today, is because it is May 2. May, in the part of the world where I live, is a beautiful month – the month of blue skies and warm sunshine, and colorful flowers blooming. In fact usually on Mother’s Day, my family blesses me to have time off and I often spend part of the day planting the pretty flowers that they have given me for Mother’s Day.

But as I look outside, I see that May is not living up to my expectations. It has been drearier and colder than usual. We have had a longer-than-normal winter, which means the warm sunny months of spring and summer will be shorter. No flowers yet.

As I was realizing this, I was thinking about how people are going to be complaining about our short spring and summer, the way there has been so much complaining about the long winter.

So I wanted to preempt this complaining that I anticipate and encourage my readers to leave off that garment. The garment of complaining is what not to wear. It is not pleasing in God’s sight. Thankfulness is. Let’s put that one on. It’s in the “What to wear” list…God’s list. And His list is good enough for me, in fact, His list brings life!


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