“It’s All About Me” (or not)

I think my generation began the “Me” generation…you know: “It’s All About Me!”

And the “Me” generation raised an even more self-centered super “It’s-all-about-Me” generation…little gods whom the world revolves around. Entitled to whatever makes them happy. Whatever makes them feel good.

But the first commandment God gave us is: I am the LORD your God,…you shall have no other gods before me. (Ex.20:2-3)

No other gods…including ourSELVES!

We are not gods, but we are made in God’s image – to create…to love…to serve!


The Messiah, at His last Passover meal got up and did a servant’s menial task: washing his disciples’ dirty feet, and told them they were to serve each other.

He followed this act of service by a much great act of service – the ultimate act of service: giving up His life for all mankind.

That’s our example.

And as we serve, as we lay down our lives, we get life! Joy and fulfillment don’t come when “It’s all about me.” They come when it’s not. God’s Word is true. Living it out brings peace, freedom, joy, fulfillment! We do need to actively renew our minds with His Word, because it’s not the message that the world tells us or that our flesh always wants. But it truly brings us life. I experienced this last weekend. Doing things God’s way brought me freedom, peace, and joy! Have you had experiences like that? Feel free to comment so we can encourage one another.


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