An Explanation of “Not Weary in Well doing”

I quit!” I thought loudly as I stirred the soup that I was cooking for lunch.

And then I heard a distinct voice: “Do not grow weary in well-doing, for in due time you shall reap if you do not faint.”

I knew it was the voice of God. “Okay,” I said in my thoughts as I continued to stir the soup. “I’m in.”

(I mean…what do you say when God speaks? Really “yes” is the only answer – the other option is saying “no” to God, and in my opinion, saying “no” to God is beyond foolish.)

What had I been quitting? I had just been having a two-hour long altercation with one of my children. I had given this particular child her arithmetic assignment and she had claimed she did not know how to do it. I had assured her that she did – she had done this same sort of thing before. She insisted (with great emotion) that she did not know how. I assured her that she could do it, and that she couldn’t eat lunch until she did.

It was 10 a.m., I figured her arithmetic would take a half hour at most, so it was quite safe for me to make such a pronouncement.

 This is why, two hours later – two hours of loud, emotional protestations issuing from this child’s bedroom – I was in the “I quit” mode.

But then as I said, God spoke these life-giving words. I didn’t even know these words were in the Bible, but I came across them quite a while later. In the ESV it reads: “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” (Gal. 6:9).

In mothering, parenting, teaching, in any job, ministry, in relationships, in any life situation you are in (unless you know you are not supposed to be in that situation), do not grow weary in doing what you know you are supposed to do. The promise is that in due season, you will reap (that is, you will see a harvest, you will see results from what you have sown or put in)..if you do not give up.

To finish my story: We ate lunch with this child calling/crying from her bedroom that she was starving. I thought, “What kind of a mean mother am I?”, but I did not give in. After the rest of us had eaten our lunch, this child did her arithmetic assignment in five minutes and got it all correct! She then ate lunch.

I continued to “do good,” to parent her with God’s help to the best of my ability, and after many years (which included many more altercations) of not growing weary, I began to see the fruit. My husband and I eventually reaped a wonderful harvest and this child became an adult devoted to God and to helping others. She is gifted in many areas and is amazing with strong willed children! 🙂

So many things in life involve not growing weary, not giving up – continuing to do God’s will God’s way. That verse “Do not grow weary in doing good…” has become my verse that applies to pretty much every area of life.

So let me encourage you: Don’t grow weary in doing good!


*FYI God has only spoken to me that distinctly a half a dozen times in my thirty-seven years of following Him. It is more common for Him to speak to me through the Scriptures, with a certain still small voice (not unlike my conscience), or a subtle “leading.” And if what I “heard” ever contradicted His written Word, I would know it wasn’t Him.





8 thoughts on “An Explanation of “Not Weary in Well doing”

  1. Hi 🙂 I’m a friend of your daughter Sarah’s and just wanted to say as a wife, and mom of 4, that I really appreciated this blog post. That verse about jumped out of the computer screen and smacked me upside the head – which is generally how God speaks to me 😉 Good timing and good word!

    • Hi Jenna! So glad you were blessed! I just read a few of your blog posts and was blessed as well – by your heart! I’d love to sit and have coffee with you, (only I don’t drink it), for about 8 hours. 🙂

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